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We Clean Better

The B Cool Window Care Difference

A Superior Clean

Some window cleaners make big promises and underdeliver.

At B Cool Window Care, we take extreme pride in our work. We use a combination of soft bristled brushes and squeegees to clean windows old and new. Using professional window cleaning techniques and jets of pure water, we can clean and dry your windows to a spot free finish. Say goodbye to watermarks and chemical residue.

Our attention to detail makes all the difference!

Safety & Efficiency

Thanks to our unique Xero Revolution© water fed system, we can access most windows from the ground. Our 30 foot telescoping water-fed pole delivers an incredible deep cleaning with less safety concerns.

The Xero Revolution© also allows us to clean more efficiently. With faster cleanup times, we take less time to set up and use less water during our cleaning process. This results in cost savings for you!

Environmentally Friendly

Like you, we care about the environment and the customers we serve.

Our Xero Revolution© water fed system gives us the ability to tackle most projects with nothing but pure water. That means the B Cool Window Care team doesn’t need to haul around harsh chemicals or soak your property with dangerous solvents.

We clean your windows using the most environmentally-friendly solutions possible.

And It’s Not Just Windows…

Our Xero Revolution© water fed system has a variety of applications in addition to windows.

B Cool Window Care can clean your solar panels, building facade, awnings and more. We’re ready to tackle your next project using less water and less chemicals.

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